a look at the paintings from the Mad Men TV series


Joan’s Office Painting

Draper’s Dining Room


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Mad Men – Draper’s Apartment Hallway

This is from Draper’s apartment hallway, viewed in S05E07

Draper’s apartment – blue painting

I already have a capture of this however I was able to get a better picture in episode 6


Birds Painting

This is from S05 E05 when Sterling drops LSD with some intellectuals.

Art by Kymm Swank

I have been contacted by a Gallery representing artist Kymm Swank who has been featured in season 5 of Mad Men.  You can view more of Kymm`s work here http://art-vault.com/ or http://kymmswank.com

Draper’s new apartment from season 5

These are from episode 1 of season 5, Draper’s new apartment.

Season 5 – Pete Campbell’s Office

I had a bad capture of this in season 4, this is better.

MAD MEN: Op Art in Roger Sterling’s office

Tonight’s episode of Mad Men (Season 4, Episode 2) paints (ha!) another 60s cultural reference before our eyes without giving even a tiniest hint at who or what it is. Here’s your general answer: Op Art. Here’s my educated guess: Bridget Riley.

Link from RoboCorgi

Mad Men back in business next year

The tough negotiations between AMC and Matthew Weiner are over, and Mad Men has been renewed for two more seasons, reports the Los Angeles Times.

Under the new deal, which will reportedly earn Weiner $10 million U.S. per year, no cast members have been fired, but a compromise has been reached regarding each episode’s run time. According to the Times, the first and last episodes of the season will each run 47 minutes long, while the rest of the episodes will be 45 minutes – although Weiner will have the option to make those episodes slightly longer for DVD or iTunes sales. Season 5 is expected to debut in March 2012.

Although the new contract covers Seasons 5 and 6, Weiner revealed that he intends to end Mad Men after seven seasons. “I want the show to end before the machinery has worn out.”

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Mad Men on Facebook

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Painting “No. 4” by Midge

Draper’s ex-fling Midge tracks him down to make some money for her drug habit, he buys this painting titled “Number Four”.


Sterling Coopers House Paintings

These are from Season 4 Episode 11



Ted Chaough’s office

Joan’s Office Art

Joan Harris played by Christina Hendricks is an office manager at Sterling Cooper who acts as a professional and social mentor, as well as a rival, to Peggy Olson. Joan relishes playing the role of femme fatale, and was engaged in an affair with Roger Sterling before his heart attack. An intelligent and capable woman, Joan loves the glamorous, sexy life she leads, saying of Manhattan, “This city is everything.” Unlike Peggy, she does not strive to join the all-male cadre of Sterling Cooper’s non-secretarial workforce, preferring to use her sex appeal to exercise control over the men around her.

Mad Men – Boardroom

SCDP – Boardroom Artwork

Don Draper’s Office Abstract – Season 4

Don Draper’s Office – Small Abstract

SCDP – Creative Lounge Peacock Painting

Peggy Olson – Mad Men Season 4 Office Art

Sterling Cooper Draper Pryce – Season 4 New Lobby