a look at the paintings from the Mad Men TV series

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Draper’s apartment – blue painting

I already have a capture of this however I was able to get a better picture in episode 6



Draper’s new apartment from season 5

These are from episode 1 of season 5, Draper’s new apartment.

Season 5 – Pete Campbell’s Office

I had a bad capture of this in season 4, this is better.

Peter Campbell’s home – Giraffe Painting

 triptych by Witco

Dyna Moe has created a reprintable reproduction of the Campbells’ giraffe artwork for true Mad Men enthusiasts.

Link from http://www.mattersofstyleblog.com/

Brooklyn Bridge Painting in Don Draper’s Office

I can’t figure out the painting in Don’s office however it look like a Bernard Buffet.

AMC Forum; Bridge Painting in Don’s Office