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Joan’s Office Art

Joan Harris played by Christina Hendricks is an office manager at Sterling Cooper who acts as a professional and social mentor, as well as a rival, to Peggy Olson. Joan relishes playing the role of femme fatale, and was engaged in an affair with Roger Sterling before his heart attack. An intelligent and capable woman, Joan loves the glamorous, sexy life she leads, saying of Manhattan, “This city is everything.” Unlike Peggy, she does not strive to join the all-male cadre of Sterling Cooper’s non-secretarial workforce, preferring to use her sex appeal to exercise control over the men around her.


Don Draper’s Office art by Michal Shapiro

Michal Shapiro’s paintings have been used in set designs, television pilots, commercials, the movie “Syriana” and the television series “Making It In America,” the Sam Mendes film “This Must Be The Place” and most conspicuously, in the award winning television series “Mad Men” where her painting adorned the wall of main character Don Draper’s office at Sterling-Cooper.

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Harry Crane’s Office art from Mad Men

HaroldHarryCrane (Rich Sommer): A media buyer recently appointed the head of Sterling Cooper’s newly formed television department. Although Harry joins his colleagues in drinking and flirtations, he is a dedicated husband and father. However, he did have a one night stand with a secretary in season one which led to his being briefly kicked out of his home by his wife. Harry’s wife has been instrumental in motivating her husband to be more ambitious at work. He is ultimately strong-armed into joining the new agency, though he realizes it is the right move.

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